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Come to Mommy... Ummm NOPE!

Posted by Kissenia Chara Williams on January 24, 2018 at 6:10 PM

I know as a parent all we want is just a few nice pictures of our children. Sometimes you just look at your kid and are like "Come On! Just ONE PICTURE, Pleaseee smile or stay put!" Sound fimilar? Well.... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! This is actually really common, but I am here to tell you it gets better as they get older and of course until then here are a few tips for your next session.

1. Book your sessions keeping in mind when nap time is. The worst thing to do is to bring a sleepy child to a shoot. So if your child naps at 12. Book your session 3 hours before nap time. If you rather wait til after nap time, thats fine just don't wake him/her out of their nap for a shoot.

2. Make sure your child is fed and content. We as adults get cranky when we start feeling hungry, children are no different, we just know how to handle it better.

3. Bring Snacks- YES! Bring your child's favorite snacks. NOTHING messy of course! Maybe some fruit gummies, or puffs, something small that can be as a reward for doing a great job at smiling and posing.

4. Does your child have a favorite song that she/he loves to dance too? GREAT! Make sure you have it downloaded and onto a photo shoot playlist, ready to bust some moves.

5. Bring your child's favorite toy, rattle, or blanket. Sometimes it's best to add a personal touch to your child's photos to make him/her more comfortable and relaxed.

6. Stay calm and relax, remember to have fun. Make your child laugh after all YOU know what makes him/her smile YOU have all the tricks up your sleeve so have them ready! Some children like to see thier parents make funny faces, some like to see them dance or maybe sing? Maybe a little game of peek-a-boo. Next time you make your child laugh or smile take a mental note of it so when its time to smile you know exactly what to do.

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